Additions You Can Make to Your Sunroom for a Beautiful Home

Sunrooms offer homeowners a way to enjoy the benefits of spending time outdoors without the hassle of typical outdoor living spaces. They provide an indoor space that looks and feels like a backyard, complete with natural light and views of nature.

Your sunroom can double as a home office, craft room, or even a second bedroom with the right sunroom additions in San Jose, CA. If you want to add a room to your home without adding on, a sunroom can be better than an extension. Here are a few ways you can change your sunroom into a beautiful home space.

  1. Upper wall of the sunroom can be removed.

Due to their typically high ceilings, many homeowners choose to remodel their sunrooms from the ceiling down. This results in an ugly wall that needs to remain in place and a boring hole in your home’s décor.

The upper portion of the sunroom that rests above head height can be easily removed. The area above this can then be covered with artwork and shelving, giving your sunroom a new look and feel. The design of your space will be entirely up to you and how you want it to appear when finished.

  1. Windows replaced with sliding glass doors or another type of entryway window inserts

Many homeowners choose sliding glass doorways for their sunrooms because they look natural and add plenty of light without sacrificing privacy panels or blinds, which is especially important if you have children living in the home as most children hate closed spaces, no matter how much you enjoy it yourself! Sliding doors are also easy on frameless décor because they offer an added cushion for walls without affecting the aesthetic appeal that minimalist design usually provides. Such a door would enhance the minimalist look of your space!

  1. Wall to ceiling shelving

Shelving is an excellent addition to any room in your home, and why not for a sunroom? Take advantage of the built-in space above your sunroom windows and store large pieces of furniture or other oversized items that are easier to store without requiring you to use more than one room. This will also help bring those bins collecting dust over the years into use!

  1. DIY lighting; natural lighting is always better than artificial light

If you want a sunroom but not necessarily a window, consider adding lights (and shade) to the upper area of your sunroom. These can be anything from candles or lanterns or even tiny lights hung from the ceiling (which can even look pretty). You will still allow plenty of natural light through these fixtures, which are suitable for your health and provide an elegant atmosphere in almost any space.