Tips and tricks to play fortnite game effectively

Fortnite is the successful and popular online battle game. It is launched in 2017 by the Epic games.

During the game, players are eliminated one by one until one person, duo, or squad remains. Surviving is the key to winning Fortnite, and you must avoid dying at all costs to do so. Players who perform best are aware of fortnite how to play and survive till last.

Here are some tricks and tips you need to follow for effective playing.

Jump out of bus lately

When you first arrive in the game, it is critical to jump out of the flying bus. Many players jump almost immediately or once they see a large settlement below. Instead, try to jump as late as possible, and aim for a house or small village instead. The downside is that you will be off the beaten path and will need to move quickly later.

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Arm yourself quickly

A pickaxe can be used to fight if you need to, but shotguns and rifles are more likely to help win in Fortnite. A pistol or revolver can be helpful too, and you can always find something heavier later in the game.

Take cover by building shelter

 It might be better for you to hide somewhere if you only have a pistol against someone who has an assault rifle. That’s where a shelter comes in handy, whether you built it or found it!

Play for long time

Playing the fortnite how to for long time will help you gain experience and knowledge. This gets you skill and uses them to become the last standing player in the game.