Should I Buy During a Bear Market

The stock market, crypto market and virtually every other market in the world that is based on commodities have been having a rather rough time as of late. One term that you might have heard being used here or there is “bear market”, and chances that you would be thoroughly confused about what it is actually supposed to entail. Suffice it to say that the bear market is not something that should be feared, quite on the contrary it means that you have the chance to buy a lot more assets than you might have otherwise been capable of getting your hands on.

The reason behind this is that a bear market suggests that the value of all assets contained within it has dropped by 20% on average. This means that you are essentially getting a twenty percent discount on all of your buys, and you can use coinmarketbag to do a bit of research before deciding to take the plunge. The question of whether or not you should buy during a bear market has only one real answer, and this answer is a resounding yes.


Bear markets usually occur in situations where investor confidence is low, or if the regulatory authorities increase interest rates which forces people to cut back on spending. This period will not last forever, and when investors have more confidence they might start pouring funds back into markets and that will allow the prices to go back up. Since you bought when the prices were still rather cheap, you can use this to your advantage and enjoy some truly unprecedented returns that will tide you over for many decades to come in the future.