Surprising Facts About Megan Fox

Megan Fox has had lots of drastic changes in her life in the last 10 years. The once popular actress who worked in Transformers and many other hot selling titles, stays mostly off the radar these days as she isn’t focusing on her acting career much these days. She is divorced, and has 3 kids.

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  • Megan Fox mentions that ever since she was two years old, she knew she had to become an actor. She was very clear and straightforward about her desire from the very start, and she did quite well by working in many popular titles.
  • Despite her huge stature and popularity these days, Megan Fox had very humble beginnings. She grew up in Rockwood, a rural suburb in Tennessee. Her father’s favorite hobby was hunting ducks. They had a limited supply of money.
  • She has a weird phobia of touching dry paper, and newspapers in particular. She hates the dry texture of tissue paper as well.
  • Talking about humble beginnings, Megan Fox actually used to dress as a banana when she worked for a smoothie shop located in Florida. While she was employed to work at the register, she used to dress up as a banana and stand by the road to attract customers on fridays.
  • Megan Fox has made it public that she isn’t a social person. She has very few friends, one to be exact. She has only one female friend named Mindy. Her friend is a facialist. Make friends of Megan Fox are very limited in number as well.
  • Megan didn’t like Michael Bay, the director of Transformers, for his behavior on the set. She said the director was “too controlling” and wanted to act like Hitler on the set. She was fired by Michael Bay as well.