Carpet Steam Cleaning Vs. Very Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning: Which Do You Need

It might surprise you to hear this, but the carpet cleaning community can be quite intense when you look at the debates that are raging between proponents of various cleaning methods. That has a lot to do with the obvious differences between each method, and two of the most prominent ones that we will be discussing here are HWS and VLM. HWS stands for hot water extraction, and suffice it to say that an easier way to think about it is to realize that it is basically just steam cleaning.

VLM stands for very low moisture, and you can immediately see how different it is from steam cleaning. Many carpet cleaning companies use hot water extraction because of the fact that it is better at deep cleaning than its drier counterpart, but at the end of the day steam cleaning has one really big downside: it makes your carpet too wet to use for at the better part of twenty four hours. Hence, if you can’t afford to not use your rug while you let it dry, you might be tempted to go for very low moisture carpet cleaning.

Cleaning Carpet

Just bear in mind that very low moisture methods fail to penetrate based the first half inch of your carpet fibers. You will still have a lot of dirt underneath the tackled layer, so try to get hot water extraction done once in a while too otherwise this dirt will get tremendously caked up so much so that you would never be able to get rid of it. Most residential consumers would be better off with carpet steam cleaning for the most part.