Hire an Immigration Lawyer in Vancouver, BC to Solve Immigrant Issues

Hometown is the most comfortable to survive. It is a place where a person is born, lives, and is aware of all the available local and national facilities. A person is a native of the hometown and does not need citizenship for schooling, business, job, and many more amenities. It is because the person is a citizen of that place by birth.

Sometimes, to upgrade in life, get a better education, or earn more, people tend to leave their hometown and move out to another place. This action of moving from the native town to a foreign place is called immigration. A person immigrating is called an immigrant.

Every country has its regulations and laws. Every place posses a different education system, hiring process, housing criteria, and many more. Due to these differences, immigrants face a lot of problems in the new cities.

Issues that immigrants face in a foreign country are:

  • Getting a well-paid job in an unknown city is difficult. It leads to a lack of earnings and poverty.
  • Different places have different cultures; immigration leads to the mixing of cultures or acculturation.
  • It gets difficult for an individual to cope up with the education system they are not aware of.
  • Mingling with the neighborhoods becomes a task. People living around in a place one resides diverse. It makes social adjustment a little more complicated.
  • Countries differ in providing various human rights. Not everyone will know about the rights of all places. Due to this, protecting the rights becomes difficult.
  • Housing, employment, family, and financial difficulties are also the issues faced by the immigrants.

What should immigrants do to protect their rights and solve other issues?

An immigrant can hire an immigration lawyer who can help them with various official issues.

Pilkington Law Firm is an organization that allows immigrants to hire immigration lawyer in Vancouver, BC. This firm has years of immigration experience and works assiduously to protect the rights of immigrants. The lawyers help with applying and getting student visas, Canadian Immigration, US Immigration, and many more.

They provide services like:

  • Canadian Immigration- Deals with citizenship issues, work permits, pilot programs, residency permits, and investor programs.
  • Business Immigration- The firm is in contact with many business foundations and helps them hire employees in the US or Canada, hence employing the immigrants.
  • US Immigration- Deals with post parole applications. Waiver applications, citizenship issues, visas, and many more.
  • Spouse sponsorship
  • Family sponsorship
  • Family green card
  • Finance visa
  • LI visa
  • O visa
  • P visa and many more.


Immigration has few drawbacks. These drawbacks are temporary and are solved with time. To have an obstacle-free experience in an unknown place, one should hire an immigration lawyer and know about the rules and laws of that place. Immigration is profitable to both the native as well as a foreign country in terms of economy. Also, it is beneficial for an individual, as one can experience the bliss of living at a new pace, with different people, taste various foods and learn about new cultures and traditions.